About BRECC Carpentry
In 2006 BRECC carpentry was born from the passion of Ron
Banaszak, Licensed Builder and former John Widdicomb
sample maker.

Ron has always been committed to producing work of the highest quality. His skills as a craftsman are rooted in the demanding tolerances of the furniture and hand-made instrument industries.

Ron began his journey in 1984 as a sample-maker with Fancher Chair in western New York where he learned
to build his first chair. From '89 through '93 he built hand-
made instruments at Wolf Instruments under the tutelage
of world-reknowned forte-piano and harpischord makers
Thomas and Barbara Wolf. Ron was involved in all aspects
of making instruments, from pouring the lead to make key weights, hand-cutting dovetails on the case joinery and
hand-planing the soundboard to tolerances of .001."
In 1997, Ron was excited to land his dream job as a
sample-maker with John Widdicomb furniture makers
in Grand Rapids. Ron enjoyed using his skills to produce
the first few pieces of furniture by hand and then working
with engineering to bring those pieces to production.

Today with BRECC Carpentry, Ron enjoys working on a
variety of projects from creating custom built-ins to furniture making, to quality renovation/remodeling jobs.
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Ron's depth and diversity of experience have taught him to view each project through the eyes of a craftsman with a dedication to perfection and a familiarity with working within strict tolerances. This dedication to quality applies to every project BRECC Carpentry takes on.